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Anthony von Moger - B.Hlth Sci (Nat) A.N.T.A F805191 - Homeopath

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Natural Health Practitioners - Oldest Homeopathic Practice in Australia

More than 70 years of family healthcare

Welcome to the Homeopathic Centre ...

Homeopathic Centre is a uniquely established Practice, founded in 1948 by Dr Joseph von Moger.

We strive to provide safe and natural healthcare for the whole family. We specialise in the treatment of acute and chronic ailments, utilising a unique style of Homeopathy, pioneered by Dr. Joseph von Moger over 60 years ago.

Such fast, effective healthcare must be expensive? 

On the contrary, our rates are very reasonable .....

Pricing: Cash based, includes Homeopathic diagnosis, and complimentary medicine for 3-5 weeks
Children and Students
Health Care Card Holders
Long distance / on line consultations - add $15 for postage & handling within Australia - Prescription cost is included

Anthony von Moger

B.Hlth Sci (Nat) A.N.T.A F805191

Anthony has an extensive background in Homeopathy, including working with his late father Dr. Josephm von Moger, who was in practice in Melbourne for over forty years.  Anthony is a graduate Naturopath, having studied at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, the most established natural therapies college in Victoria, and a Fellow of A.N.T.A. in both Homeopathy and Naturopathy

His extensive knowledge and experience in prescribing assures patients of the very best in Homeopathic care.

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What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system that attempts to stimulate the body to heal itself.

All symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable they are, represent the body's attempt to restore itself to health. So instead of trying to dry up the runny nose from a cold with antihistamines, a homeopath would use a remedy that will stimulate the body to move in the direction it is already going, and, in the process, clear the runny nose!

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Hi, Anthony.
Feeling on top of the world. Eating everything in sight. Digesting it in a flash. Training enthusiastically for my sport (kayak racing). Putting on muscle. Sleeping well - normally rather than very deeply as before. Cough is now only occasional - cold air or very fatigued. Mind is calmer. Bowels regular and effective. The feeling of being burdened with something has gone. Only about a centimetre of remedy left. The level is just below the bottom of the dropper. The accuracy of your prescribing is astonishing. - Cheers ... Alan

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Homeopathic Centre Melbourne


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Glen Iris - Victoria 3146

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Anthony von Moger - Homeopath Melbourne



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